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You and your colleagues have been working for months in your start-up office (your friends basement) and you have just completed a major project. You are toasting to your achievements when the next thing you are locked in! You have one hour to escape before all your hard work is lost!


A fun, moderately difficult, escape room designed with different types of puzzles to appeal to different talents.  We recommend 6-8 people, but smaller groups have been successfull!


Host your birthday, wedding or other special occasion by working as a team to solve puzzles and escape the room!

Updated periodically to keep visits interesting, our team's current theme is

“The Deception.”

Named one of The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Deception

Invite your co-workers to an event that will facilitate communication and team work in order to escape the room.

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Introducing our new FACE OFF style Escape Room!


Welcome to a unique and exciting escape game format! The Quest of Fortune's Galley is a high energy game where you and your “mateys” are placed in identical rooms for a 60 minute race against time and your opponents.


Play in one room for a challenging quest, or you can divide your group into two teams and compete against each other.  (Just make sure you book Room A and Room B for the same time slot!) The rooms are designed for 6-8 players each.










The Quest of Fortune's Galley