You and your colleagues have been working for months in your start-up office (your friends basement) and you have just completed the project. You are toasting to your achievements when the next thing you know…you Are Locked In! You have one hour to escape before all your hard work is lost!

West Hills Escape Room - Corapolis, PA
Question Marks

Are you looking for ultimate bonding with your co-workers, family member, friends,  sports team or other group? Come to West Hills Escape Room in Coraopolis and enjoy a very interactive experience. Our escape rooms are great for team building and working together.

Visit our convenient, easy-to-find location and avoid rush hour today!

Learn a new way to bond as well as develop team building skills with our fun and interactive puzzle.  It really does make team building a fun exercise.  Need a date or time not on our schedule?  No problem, we can make it work!  

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Get Rid of the Old Team Building Exercises

Work Together as a Team to Solve the Puzzle

Enjoy FREE parking at West Hills Escape Room in Coraopolis.

Host your special event and bring your friends and family to West Hills Escape Room. Our current theme is “The Deception.” You and your friends and family try to escape while working together. It’s a great way to build trust and also have a lot of fun.

Book any special event or corporate team building day at West Hills Escape Room. Enjoy the challenge of completing the puzzle with your team members. It strengthen teamwork, collaboration and focus while you are having fun.. Contact us today to book your event.

Come and Celebrate Your Special Event

Your Special Event is Covered with Us